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Our Story

Maiveen Boehme, a victim of bullying herself, launched this non-profit company after her daughters were also severely subjected to bullying. The aim of Project Brave Heart is to create an environment where all South Africans are safe and where everyone takes a stand against bullying. We believe that we are the most effective and comprehensive movement fighting this problem in South Africa today. We also introduced the national non-bullying day for South Africa.


Brave Heart Day is the national non-bullying day for South Africa.  Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown restrictions, we have had to postpone the National Day for 2020 until further notice.  Watch this space for a new date…..!


Whether a corporate company, government department or school, there is a role for everyone to play. Let us tell you how.


The main aim of Project Brave Heart is to have an extensive program and action plans to help young and old who suffer from bullying.  Therefore we have information and guides for children, parents and teachers at school.  Our workplace bullying program will roll out soon so watch this space.


At Project Brave Heart we believe in Community and the core values of community such as togetherness, understanding, love, unity and support.  When someone is suffering in our community, it is our duty to lend our support.

One way of showing our understanding and empathy is by sharing a story of our own.  It will instill trust, provide hope, advice and help will be welcomed.

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Our Vision

The vision and aim of this registered NPC are to prevent or limit the phenomenon of bullying.

We would like to minimize bullying in schools, communities and the workplace by means of effective programs to empower the victims, and to change and help the bully.  As they say the abused become the abuser.  Therefor support for the bully and changing the bully’s ways is just as important as empowering the victims.

Our long-term vision is to create the biggest anti-bullying movement in SA, where people associate with the movement as the place of safety and information for this cause.

Step number one is to create a Brave Heart Day. It will be the focus for the first year.

Get Help

The main aim of Project Brave Heart is to have an extensive program and an action plan to help young and old who suffer from bullying.  Therefor we provide information and guidelines for school-going children and adults in the workplace.  Corporate bullying has not been getting the attention that it should and therefor we would like to address the problem and give guidance and action plans on how to possibly solve the problem.

What is Brave Heart day

Brave Heart day is implemented as a National day on the 1st Friday of May every year, where we will be creating a massive movement against bullying in South Africa.  The purpose of the day is to create a COMMUNITY SANCTION on bullying by empowering the community with information and by getting their participation in this campaign.  By doing so we will create a NEW environment in South Africa where each citizen will stand up and change its ways so that we can all live in a free and safe environment.  We will be asking all South Africans to wear blue and red (blue for forgiveness and red for love).  We will also have an icon merchandising item available (Our Brave Heart Pins) for purchase and would like to encourage all South Africans to wear this item to show their support for such a huge social problem and their support for a  good cause.

Most of all we want everybody to have fun by doing so!!

Our slogan for BRAVE Heart Day is “Braveheart… where the heart is free to change’’.