Charl-jaquairdo van Helsdingen

Charl was born in the West Rand of Johannesburg South Africa, Charl is currently studying for his diploma in Sports Psychology and is a Personal trainer, dancer, and model by trade.

Charl’s Hobbies include spending time with his family and friends, cooking and exploring our beautiful country, South Africa.

He is passionate about getting involved in Charity foundations close to his heart, such as

Project Brave Heart, a non-Bullying foundation as well as Love your Nuts, which is a testicular cancer and cancer awareness foundation.

As a 2-time cancer survivor, Charl has found a new outlook on life and believes that we are capable of overcoming absolutely ANY obstacle and challenge that life throws our way and that the biggest blessing in life is coming out the other side stronger, healthier and hungrier to live a happier life, to make your mark and that it is our responsibility to share our stories and inspire others out there with the urge and ability to find the strength within themselves to speak up and make a change in this world.

By winning the Title, Charl hopes to be able to reach more people in the world who need a strong role model and intends to inspire, educate and motivate others out there to stand up and speak about issues and challenges that may be Taboo or uncomfortable to speak about, such as stigmas based on and around HIV/AIDS, education on safe sex and PREP, Bullying and depression, amongst many other issues.

Charl Is available for events, please contact MRGWSA and PR to enquire availability.