Our Story


Maiveen Boehme launched this registered NPC after being a victim herself to bullying in her school years and later her own daughters.  Going through these whole traumatic events, especially trying to help her daughters, Maiveen saw the need for a more comprehensive program that would minimize bullying in general.  The main aim is to create an environment in which all South Africans, whether at school or in the workplace and/or in relationships make a stand against bullying and all its aspects.

After investigation to why children have the need to bully another child,  Maiveen discovered that many times the underlined problem arising from their home environment. Therefor the need is to address bullying in the workplace.  People presently are overworked and under great pressure to perform and that is then directly or indirectly reflected on the child.

Corporate bullying has not received the necessary attention and deserves to be addressed.

The negative influence of bullying on our children has an impact not only on their emotional stability but on their future behavior, their ability to learn, to adapt to new situations, to tackle challenges, to form meaningful relationships and ultimately on society in general.