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Maiveen Boehme
Founder and director


Pieter Truter


Simoné Boehme


Clarice  Boehme
Support Team

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Amelia Sterrenberg
Master Neuro-Coach

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Grete Boonzaier
Support Team


Morné Joseph


Amber Aucamp


Dula Boola


Miki Mee

Maiveen Boehme – Founder and director

Maiveen Boehme is married and a mother of two daughters who have a passion for helping people because of all that they have gone through being bullied at many stages of their lives.  She is a businesswoman with 25 years business experience in many fields especially management, retailing, purchasing, client service, and project management.  Her passion for people and her business skills will be a great asset to Brave Heart, ensuring that it becomes a pre-eminent NPC that will run for many years to help people young and old who have gone through bullying and all its facets.

Pieter Truter – Director

He is currently a student at the University of South Africa doing his Post-Graduate Certificate in Education. Pieter is also a hockey coach at high school level and loves working with children in this regard. Building relationships with and mentoring young people are his passion. He is very keen to help the people who bully others, as most are carrying their own pain and struggles in life. Pieter would also love to hear of all the success stories where people who were involved in any form of bullying got healed and delivered. These stories will serve as the breakthrough and hope for many people.

Simoné Boehme – Director

Simoné Boehme is currently a radiography student at CPUT.  She is a person who laughs at life and all its challenges. She has amazing people skills and has a passion for people who are in need.  She was also bullied at some stage of her life and because of that, she will be a great asset to Brave Heart to make sure that the bullying phenomenon is understood and dealt with in the correct way.

Clarice  Boehme – support team

Clarice Boehme is an amazing young lady who is currently completing her Grade 12 year.  She was severely bullied for 6 years by different people in school and has a story to tell to young and old to make sure that they know that there is hope after such a severe ordeal.  She has a passion for young and old and draws people towards her for that reason. She will be studying teaching next year and will be a great asset to Brave Heart because of her life story and her love for people.

Amelia Sterrenberg
Master Neuro-coach | Chokmah Coaching

Amelia is qualified Neuro- and mBIT coach and a NLP practitioner.  After 25 years in the corporate environment she decided to follow her passion which is helping people find their purpose and to assist them with the required transformation to truly live that purpose.  She helps her clients to make the choice to live a life of abundance, irrespective of the challenges they have faced in life.  She is passionate about people’s journey through life and want to offer people the gift of discovering their life purpose, changing limiting beliefs about themselves and changing behaviour that is not serving them. The journey is a partnership founded on values of honesty, integrity and respect.

Grete Boonzaier – Support team

Grete Boonzaier is currently completing her Grade 12 year.  She is part of her school’s student council and Christian group (CSV) which makes her a great leader.  She is also involved in her community amongst children with needs.  She spends a lot of time with these children, by playing and giving them hope for the future.  Her passion is to see people grow and to empower them.  She is a very enthusiastic person and excited about the future.  She assists us and guides us with the needs of young people, and because of her amazing personality and compassion for others she will be a great asset to Brave Heart

Morné Joseph

Morné Joseph will be one of our speakers at Primary schools and High schools.  He also extensive knowledge of the security environment.  Morné completed his basic life skills and street survival training in 2001 at Chrysalis Academy.  In 2009 he joined the South African Police Service.  As sector 2 commander at Durbanville Police Service, Morné was an extremely competent police officer.  He successfully completed several courses while in service.  In 2016 he decided to broaden his horizons and lefts SAPS to join a private security company. He is now the founder of his own security company called At-Home security.

He has given various talks at Neighborhood watch meetings and organizations with regards to safety and security.  He was also Lead SA’s Hero of the month in 2016.  He is passionate about visiting schools and educating children about safety.  Therefore, he was the obvious choice to handle our program at schools.

Amber Aucamp

Amber Aucamp is a fashion design graduate and is currently in the midst of studying accounting. She has a passion for people and all the joyous things in life. She is a very driven woman who always aspires to be sunshine in other people's lives, and Project Brave Heart offers her the perfect opportunity to help and encourage other people!

Dula Boola

            Dula Boola is scared. He is scared of his dad. Since he has been a baby, his father hit him for no reason at all. He is a big man and a drinker, always in a bad mood.

            And his mother? She fears him also. Dula Boola receives no love from her either. Is she still able to give motherly love?

            “But,” thinks Dula, “I'm tough! Look at my muscles! Tomorrow I get hold of that little Miki Mee again, ha!”

            There are many broken hearts waiting to be healed.

          BRAVE HEART, where the heart is free to change.

Miki Mee

© Louise Smit

on request of Maiveen Boehme

© Maiveen Boehme illustrations, slogan and characters

            Every morning on his way to school, Miki Mee's heart shivers with fear – is Dula waiting for him again? Why do big guys always choose to bully smaller ones?

            Miki Mee wishes he has a dad, a lovable one, one who protects him. But … his father disappeared even before he was born.

            He and his mum live alone in a small flat. She comes home late from work and then she is so tired. He does not want to burden her.

            Miki Mee has a problem, a problem he carries in his heart, all alone ...