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Our National Brave Heart Day

The negative influence of bullying on our children has an impact not only on their emotional stability, but on their future behaviour, their ability to learn, to adapt to new situations, to tackle challenges, to form meaningful relationships and ultimately on society in general.

In short, we and many South Africans are and should be deeply concerned about this issue and the lack of meaningful intervention.

Our main aim is to create an environment in which all South Africans, whether in school or the work place and/or in relationships make a stand against bullying and all its aspects. We will do so by helping the victim as well as the bully.  If we do not help the bully then the problem will not be resolved.

Step number one is to create a Brave Heart Day. It will be the main focus for the first year.

The Purpose of Brave Heart Day is to ask ourselves:

  • why someone becomes a bully and
  • how can we help the child/person to change their ways in a positive manner to heal?
  • how we can empower the victim to stand up for his/her rights,

we decided to use the following slogan:

“Braveheart… where the heart is free to change”.

Join our community and all South Africans on that day by purchasing our icon merchandising item (soon to be announced) and dressing up in red and blue (red for love and blue for forgiveness).

By joining we will be creating a Massive movement to ensure that all South Africans have a fear and save environment to live in.

Take our BRAVE Ambassadors and Hero’s hands to make South Africa the save country it should be! Free from bullying…….!  #BRAVE!

We have many programs and events planned for the next view years so watch this space!

11 hours ago
Andy Grammer

Love it!!! Project Brave Heart will fight for every person young and old who is hurting... The ... See more

Something about kids singing “Don’t Give Up On Me” hit me right in the damn chest. Either I’m an over dramatic emotional artist or this just is as stupid powerful as it felt. Thanks for ... See more

1 day ago
Bullying at work an epidemic
Project Brave Heart

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Don't put up with bullying; the law is on your side.

1 day ago
New Study: The More you Hug your Kids, the More Their Brains Develop

To borrow a phrase: love works in mysterious ways. We are born to love and, as it turns out, love

4 days ago
Pictures In History

How awesome is this..!!

This is without a doubt, one of the greatest photographs I have ever seen.

4 days ago

This boy with cerebral palsy is lifting an Atlas Stone. The reaction at the end is priceless... 🙌

4 days ago
Bomani Meerkat Pakket Project Brave Heart | Buy Online in South Africa |

I always say that the best part of Brave Heart is the people you meet along the way. Christian ... See more

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5 days ago
Photos from Project Brave Heart's post

This is a special thank you and shout out to Vosloo Bekker who produced our music for our ... See more

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