How to become a BRAVE Company

Bullying in the workplace did not obtain the necessary attention in the past.  So many people go to their workplace daily in fear and nobody is aware of it.  Therefor it is important to ask whether your employers are working in fear or do they feel save.  For us to make a change and for our campaign to be successful we need every company in South Africa to stand up and make a change.  By implementing a bully policy that will let their staff feel more secure and showing the rest of South Africa that it is never ok to keep quiet and that  the matter can be resolved if we stand together.

Your company can get involved by implementing our bully policy, by booking Myan Subrayan’s bully roadshow to give you more information and to guide your workers and then also by funding. To offer the best and most comprehensive program to resolve this problem we will be needing funds to develop these programs and tools. If your company would like to also take a stand and use your status in the community to stand up against bullying, then this is the place for you. We need as many people as possible to stand up for this worthy cause.  We are a registered NPC and can issue you with an A18 certificate seeing that the sponsorship can also be a tax benefit to your company.

We are developing banners, posters and other tools that is available for purchase.

Our main aim for our first year is that companies get involved in our National day which is 3 May 2019.  When you as a company can purchase our icon merchandise item (to be announced) and by funding and supporting Project Brave Heart, so that this campaign can become a success for now and in the future.

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