How to become a BRAVE School

We would like to encourage all the schools in South Africa to create a program on bullying that will fit in with the learners and teachers.  The first program that you as a school can implement is our national day next year.  We encourage schools to partake in this day as we need to make all South Africans aware that there is a huge social problem in our schools.

Our main aim for our first year is that all South Africans, young and old should get involved in our National day which is on 3 May 2019.  You as a school can purchase our icon merchandise item (to be announced) and dress up in blue and red for the day (blue for forgiveness and red for love).

We encourage you to have a support structure for the bully as well as the victim seeing that the bully was a victim at some stage of his/her life and that is the reason he/she became a bully in most cases.  The abused becomes the abuser.

We would like you as a school to stand up and be BRAVE and to take our hand and challenge other schools to join us in order to make South African schools a better place to be in.  69% of children get bullied in South African schools as per the statistics in 2012.

We suggest that you run a weekly program in the run up to our national day.  We suggest the following for that week:

Monday – High five day, where you encourage all learners to ‘’high five’’ someone that walks past them.

Tuesday – Appreciation day.  Purchase of stickers (available from us) that has messages of appreciation e.g. you are a hero, you work hard, you are a good friend, you are friendly. Learners can then stick it onto the person as they walk past them in school.

Wednesday – Silly sock day.  Be BRAVE and wear a pair of odd socks or socks with funny colours, etc.

Thursday – Caring day. Learners either bring extra sandwiches to school to share with fellow learners who do not have food or help a feeding program in your area by donating food.

Friday – OUR NATIONAL DAY!!! We will encourage all South Africans to wear blue and red (blue for forgiveness and red for love) we will also have an icon item available to purchase (will be announced soon). The funds will then go towards Project Brave Heart’s program to stop bullying in South Africa and to create a bigger awareness in the future.

If you have a learner in your school who is BRAVE enough to start a program at your school for bullying, please advise us accordingly.

You can also purchase our banners and posters with information on bullying and how to prevent it at a minimal cost.

We would like to hear from you, and any suggestions you may have will always be welcome.  Complete the form below , return it to us so that we can contact you.

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