How to join our community

Are you a business, government department, a school or one of our fantastic South African citizens?  We always need people to share and campaign with us to spread the message of hope and love and to stop this huge bully problem. For BRAVEheart to be a success we need people with the courage to stand up in the community and be BRAVE.  Here are some simple ways to do it and will encourage the rest of the community to do the same.  We need to create a massive movement and keep the conversation going.

  • Learn how to stand up and speak when others are to scared too do so.
  • Run a BRAVE heart event.
  • Put up BRAVE posters and banners in your area. Posters and banners can be obtained by contacting us
  • Submit a story of how someone has been a hero and stood up against bullying to empower others to do the same, you can either do it by uploading a video blog or a written blog. We would like to hear about all the heroes out there because they deserve recognition for their acts

Share what you’re doing with us