How to get involved in community programs

In order for us to have a successful campaign and to make a huge difference in peoples lives in South Africa, we need individuals who will, share their stories with us. People who will be willing to make a difference by sharing their experiences with us. Most of all, we need people to speak up and be BRAVE, be BRAVE for others who feel that they are trapped in a situation and feel that there is no way out.  It is never ok to keep quit! It is our duty to speak up and make huge changes in our society.

We believe that every day should be a BRAVE Heart day and therefor you need to be BRAVE every day and stand up for others who can’t do it for themselves.

Over the next view years, we will be launching different programs to change various views to give everybody one a chance in life. So, watch this space!!

Feel free to complete the form in order for us to communicate with you.  We would like to receive your suggestions and ideas so that a smooth program can be run and become a necessity over the next view years.

Our main aim for our first year is that all South Africans young and old get involved in our National day which is 3 May 2019.  When you as a community member can purchase our icon merchandise item (to be announced) and by dressing up in blue and red for the day (blue for forgiveness and red for love).

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