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We urge all companies to take a stand against bullying and start implementing programs in your company to stop such a huge social problem.  There are so many people going to work daily fearing their collogues, boss or co-worker and most of the company’s employers do not even know that this is happening.  Ask yourself the question: “are my employees working in fear”? If you would like our speaker Myan Subrayan to visit your company to do our talk in bullying in the workplace then you need to contact us at

By being one of our BRAVE Companies you will encourage other companies to do the same and help create a massive movement in the South African work force.  This will help us to solve such a huge social problem in South Africa.  You will earn the public’s admiration and respect for making such a great decision and will support you with this cause.

We are in the process of developing a bullying policy as a guideline for companies on how to handle such incidents.

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MMM represents a talent pool of individuals with diverse looks and skills. We are of the belief that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and that true beauty lies within the individual and not just the packaging.
Seeing our talent’s careers grow, is incredibly rewarding, but it is not always a quick or easy road for all. Because of this, we believe it’s important to guide and nurture them and help boost their confidence by assuring them that rejection does not mean not being good enough or gorgeous enough.
We operate in a superficial and very competitive industry where insecurities are high and the fast pace and daily pressures give rise to bad tempers and big, sometimes unrealistic demands and expectations. With this, talent and other creatives in the industry, are often faced with negative and confidence reducing remarks and attitudes.
As a team, we believe in treating others with love and respect. We believe in building and not breaking others down just to assert authority, prove a point or “guide” our talent. Sadly, the latter is very much alive in all areas of business, and when we saw Project Brave Heart being birthed, a like on Instagram led to a meeting of similar minds, vision and heart.
We are honoured and excited to be a part of this amazing initiative that brings with it hope, positive change and can potentially save a life that might not feel worth living because of emotional or physical bullying.
We encourage YOU to join us in partnering with Project Brave Heart and help make a difference by saying NO to bullying.

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Our Story:

We believe in two things: books and the Word can change lives. In a world filled with ever-evolving technology and communication-channels, we try to publish with purpose.
Christian Media Publishing, a publisher in the heart of Africa, is not your traditional publisher. Not only do we print and publish children's’ Bibles and books, and print affordable Bibles in multiple languages such as English, French, Portuguese, Chichewa, Ndebele and Shona; we also provide services to ministries and churches.
We believe in delivering a service of quality at an affordable price. Our books and products have reached the hands of thousands across the continent of Africa and other parts of the world.

How do CMP impact people’s lives?
• Changing the lives of people through the Word of God
• Making the Bible affordable and accessible to as many Christians as possible in Southern Africa
• Churches and ministries: Custom made Bibles, affordable, high quality Bibles, Logistical support and product development for churches
What makes CMP unique?
• CMP kids have a unique holistic approach to product development. Looking at Faith Building, Educational Development and Emotional Development
• Churches: We print the most popular Bible translation for our market and deliver these Bibles at the most affordable price to churches and ministries. We have a turnkey product service. We develop, print and deliver custom made Bibles for specific churches and ministries from a few to as many as 2000 units
• We offer product development services for ministries and churches: Hymnals, Ministry Study Books.

CMP Products
• Our base product lines are Bibles from 1 to 101 (i.e. For all ages and stages of life). We are not a traditional publisher – we focus and specialize on Bibles and Meta Text Bibles (Full Bible text with study notes / etc.)
• We sell our Bibles and related products through the main Christian and other retailers, ministries and Churches. We sell throughout the world but the main focus is on the Southern African market. (Congo-Zaire, Angola, Malawi, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique and South Africa included of Lesotho, Swaziland.)
• Multi Language text Bibles: (English, Portuguese, French, Chichewa, Ndebele, Shona)
• Customized Meta-text Bibles for churches and ministries, (Bible text with notes provided by the ministry or Church
• Communion wines and communion ware (communion cups, bread and wine trays).

Special Products with the Project Brave Heart Pins included:

CMP Services
We also provide services to ministries and churches:
• Logistical services (to distribute Bibles and other products in Southern Africa and other locations around the world)
• Project management on translation projects, setwork, print process management and distribution
• Print process management for Psalm books, Hymnals and other Church Media.

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Founded in 2010, Neovision Optometrists prides itself on its ‘neo’ way of doing optometry. With independently owned boutique practices, we are connecting people with professional optometry services in beautiful spaces.

Our mission

We aim to provide experienced and professional optometry services to people across the country in a transparent and inclusive environment.

Our values