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We urge all companies to take a stand against bullying and start implementing programs in your company to stop such a huge social problem.  There are so many people going to work daily fearing their collogues, boss or co-worker and most of the company’s employers do not even know that this is happening.  Ask yourself the question: “are my employees working in fear”? If you would like our speaker Myan Subrayan to visit your company to do our talk in bullying in the workplace then you need to contact us at

By being one of our BRAVE Companies you will encourage other companies to do the same and help create a massive movement in the South African work force.  This will help us to solve such a huge social problem in South Africa.  You will earn the public’s admiration and respect for making such a great decision and will support you with this cause.

We are in the process of developing a bullying policy as a guideline for companies on how to handle such incidents.

Banners and posters are also available at