Meet the experts

Annora Mostert:

As a former social worker and fundraising expert, Annora Mostert has a great understanding of NGO’s in South Africa. She is the founder of Casual Day in South Africa.  She is also a successful business owner and her business, Anja’s Banting Pantry, has won the Western Cape Premier’s Entrepreneurship Recognition Award 2016 in the category Emerging Rural Business. Her input and assistance are of great value and will help to make Brave Heart one of the most successful NPC’s in South Africa.

Rianette Leibowitz

Cyber Safety Change Agent & Communications Consultant

Rianette is a professional communicator - whether it is in front of the cameras, on stage, on air, as author or sharing corporate messaging as PR representative on behalf of her clients.

Rianette Leibowitz is a Communication Specialist and Cyber Safety activist who speaks about the art of navigating relationships between physical and digital space. She demystifies the land-between and explores the available options to bridge the gap as parent and professional.

She has been sharing the cyber safety message at schools, conferences, and corporates with the aim to save lives by creating awareness for responsible digital citizenship. Rianette founded SaveTNet Cyber Safety after she heard of the shocking statistics of young people who commit suicide because of cyberbullying. She has been the driving force behind SaveTNet, which offers help to cybercrime victims through a NETwork of professional services. Brand South Africa acknowledged the work Rianette and she is a Play Your Part Ambassador.

Rianette was selected as a finalist for the FAIRLADY & Santam Social Entrepreneur, Women of the Future 2018 competition and she was chosen as the 1st Runner-Up for the SITA Women in ICT Awards 2016. Rianette completed the Cherie Blair Mentorship Foundation Programme in May 2018 and is now playing a role as a mentor for someone in the USA through the Executive Women’s Forum. She finished the Kingdom Business Network Entrepreneurship Programme in 2018 and was chosen as the Kingdom History Maker
of the Year.

In her upcoming book “Not for Sale – Relationships of Influence” she shares her passion for the power of personal and professional relationships.

Rianette also thrives on the adrenalin rush caused by “lights, camera and action”. She has presented over 100 Cyber Health features on Cliff She often takes up the MC role and has been seen as TV presenter of a lifestyle travel show on KykNET. She is represented as actress by Talent ETC and as speaker by Whacked Speaker Management.

She is featured as Expert Contributor on platforms such s Baby Yum Yum, Green Family Guide and more. The National Small Business Chamber presented Rianette with the National Entrepreneur Champion Award 2011, which echoes her dedication to enhance South Africa’s economy and to make a positive difference. Rianette is an Accredited Public Relations Practitioner (APR) with over 17 years experience as Public Relations specialist and was the Chairperson for the APR Committee at the Public Relations Institute for Southern Africa (PRISA).

She is CEO at Owitz Communications Pty (Ltd) and represented Sirdar South Africa as Marketing Specialist focusing on enterprise governance. This entrepreneur established her communications agency in March 2009 and prior to that, Rianette managed the Public Relations and Marketing portfolio for Adobe Systems’ Middle East, Africa and Indian Ocean Islands region. She worked for various other international brands such as Wacom, Siebel Systems, Cisco, Microsoft, Motorola and the Business Software Alliance. From a local perspective Rianette has gained experience in the food, entertainment, agriculture and lifestyle industries with clients such as Pinnacle Point Beach and Golf Resort, Mr. South Africa 2010 Denver Burns, Primedia Education as well as Ndalo Media, focusing on the launch of DESTINY MAN Magazine.

Rianette plays an active role in the upliftment and development of the local PR industry by supporting industryz bodies such as The National Press Club, the National Small Business Chamber and PRISA as committee member for six years and was elected as Chairperson for the Gauteng region for two consecutive years. In 2010 she was crowned as Mrs. Style South Africa Congeniality and through this event, raised funds for charity. Rianette has been married for 13 years and is the proud mother of an amazing boy. Family and the time she
spends with her loved ones are high on her priority list. Having a teachable approach in life and always striving to exceed expectations drives her to achieve more.

Her message: “Learn to notice and appreciate all the unexpected surprises that come your way and
make complete use of each one.”

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Louise Smit

Louise Smit is the creator of many lovable story characters, author of a string of children's books and director of television programmes aimed at children. She is a creator of multimedia productions.  She created the most story characters for children’s television in South Africa. She was the first director/producer to use three-dimensional puppets on television in South Africa.

Starting in the eighties, Louise was the first to produce multiracial children’s programmes in South Africa, she was also responsible for the largest number of children’s television series produced in South Africa. She has a string of awards for her work and is a legend children’s author in South Africa.  Her stories are adored by young and old, e.g. Bennie Boekwurm, Haas Das and the Pumpkin Patch programs to name but a few.

Louis is responsible for writing our play for Pre-Primary and Primary schools. Should you, however, consider producing your own play, please feel free to contact us and if you do need our guidance we will gladly assist you with the implementation of your play.

Morné Joseph

Morné Joseph will be one of our speakers at Primary schools and High schools.  He also extensive knowledge of the security environment.  Morné completed his basic life skills and street survival training in 2001 at Chrysalis Academy.  In 2009 he joined the South African Police Service.  As sector 2 commander at Durbanville Police Service, Morné was an extremely competent police officer.  He successfully completed several courses while in service.  In 2016 he decided to broaden his horizons and lefts SAPS to join a private security company. He is now the founder of his own security company called At-Home security.

He has given various talks at Neighborhood watch meetings and organizations with regards to safety and security.  He was also Lead SA’s Hero of the month in 2016.  He is passionate about visiting schools and educating children about safety.  Therefore, he was the obvious choice to handle our program at schools.


As success enablers, we work with kids and teens to equip them with the skills to navigate the different development phases of their lives.

As psychologists, we understand the underlying dynamics of our day-to-day behavior and provide guidance to kids, parents, and teachers through insightful articles, online discussions and workshops to stay on top of the challenges you face.

Our game plan is to touch one family at a time! In doing so we empower the youth to think, feel and act differently. Our vision is to influence a future of successful, motivated and well-educated leaders who are passionate about what they do.

Our flagship products are:

  1. “Shift Quest” working with the transitions from Gr 3-4 and Gr 7-8.
  2. “Subject Quest” an online subject choice tool for Gr 8-10 learners to help them with subject choices. This helps to understand: what their interests are; what their personality traits are and tips for handling stress. Suggested career themes are given that match interest and best subjects to take that fit each learner.
  3. “Agile teens” for Gr 8-12’s to build key skills in preparation for the world – now and after school. These skills are: bounce back ability; alternative thinking and social networking intelligence.
  4. “Learning styles and stress” for Gr 4 – 12 learners. Workshops in class format, small groups or individually, focusing on learning styles and not study methods. In this way we enable kids to work according to their strength and help them manage the stressors that accompany tests and exams.