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Ethan Snyman

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Ethan Snyman is an 18 year old young man with Down syndrome. As for other people with special needs, a big obstacle for Ethan is people’s perception of him. Not only is he an incredible individual that is much more than the syndrome he has, Ethan has a unique personality, and is always friendly, caring and never judgmental.

Ethan became involved with Project Brave Heart to spread the message that people should be accepting of one another and celebrate each other’s uniqueness and special abilities rather than shortcomings.

Ethan’s description of a bully is someone with an “attitude problem”, that “has a black heart” which they “must make clean and white”. His mottos in life are “no name calling” and “sharing is caring”.

Together Ethan and Lelo are eager to take hands to change the way people who are perceived to be different are treated. We must accept people for whom they are, everybody has a right to be treated fairly in an environment that is safe.