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Experience & Activities

As success enablers, we work with kids and teens to equip them with the skills to navigate the different development phases of their lives.

As psychologists, we understand the underlying dynamics of our day-to-day behavior and provide guidance to kids, parents, and teachers through insightful articles, online discussions and workshops to stay on top of the challenges you face.

Our game plan is to touch one family at a time! In doing so we empower the youth to think, feel and act differently. Our vision is to influence a future of successful, motivated and well-educated leaders who are passionate about what they do.

Our flagship products are:

  1. “Shift Quest” working with the transitions from Gr 3-4 and Gr 7-8.
  2. “Subject Quest” an online subject choice tool for Gr 8-10 learners to help them with subject choices. This helps to understand: what their interests are; what their personality traits are and tips for handling stress. Suggested career themes are given that match interest and best subjects to take that fit each learner.
  3. “Agile teens” for Gr 8-12’s to build key skills in preparation for the world – now and after school. These skills are: bounce back ability; alternative thinking and social networking intelligence.
  4. “Learning styles and stress” for Gr 4 – 12 learners. Workshops in class format, small groups or individually, focusing on learning styles and not study methods. In this way we enable kids to work according to their strength and help them manage the stressors that accompany tests and exams.