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Leeyah Lerato Rakgaba

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Our paths crossed with Leeyah when she started promoting her son Lelo Mofokeng’s book: ‘’How I survived bullying”.  Lelo was bullied at the young age of six.  He is an amazing little man and has now written a book on his bully experience, a must read for all!  Lelo is also one of our Kid’s Ambassadors.  Leeyah is a business woman an owner of Top Notch Marketing, an events and catering company.  Leeyah is also a cake artist, a ‘’momager’’ and author.  She is also a philanthropist and works along her son’s foundation “Lelo Kingston Cares” which helps different charities and organizations.  Leeyah loves children and believes they hold the key to changing our world.

She believes that if we can teach them at a young age to be good people they will grow up to be amazing human beings.  Her dream is to do away with poverty as she believes it’s the biggest contributor to social problems such as crime.

Leeyah’s motto: ‘’always stand up for what you believe in, even if you stand alone’’.

We nominated Leeyah as one of our first Brave Heros because of the way she handled and supported Lelo’s bullying incident and she is an example to many parents by motivating and teaching Lelo the values of life.