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Louise Smit

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Louise Smit is the creator of many lovable story characters, author of a string of children’s books and director of television programmes aimed at children. She is a creator of multimedia productions.  She created the most story characters for children’s television in South Africa. She was the first director/producer to use three-dimensional puppets on television in South Africa.

Starting in the eighties, Louise was the first to produce multiracial children’s programmes in South Africa, she was also responsible for the largest number of children’s television series produced in South Africa. She has a string of awards for her work and is a legend children’s author in South Africa.  Her stories are adored by young and old, e.g. Bennie Boekwurm, Haas Das and the Pumpkin Patch programs to name but a few.

Louis is responsible for writing our play for Pre-Primary and Primary schools. Should you, however, consider producing your own play, please feel free to contact us and if you do need our guidance we will gladly assist you with the implementation of your play.