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Proteas Netball Player. TV Presenter.

Vanes-Mari du Toit

Experience & Activities

She is one of our Sports Brave Ambassadors, you will know her as the M-Net Dancing with Stars SA 2018 semi-finalist. She is also an international Netball Player who has played in the Australia and England Super Leagues. She has 36 caps as a Spar Protea Netball Player, as well as a South African Fast 5 Netball Player with 36 caps. She is also a TV Presenter.

She completed her BCom Human Resource manangement and  Honours in Industrial Psychology. She is also a SuperSport Netball Commentator. She inspires lives with her motivational speaking and she is also an enthusiastic and positive Sport Coach to many. She is a full-time Christian and a Child of God.

Therefore it was an obvious choice to make her one of our Ambassadors. Herewith her view on Project Brave Heart and why she became an Ambassador:

‘’I love what Project Brave Heart is doing, they’re not only creating awareness about bullying in South Africa, but they are going to implement Anti-Bullying programs in schools too.
As an avid sports athlete and coach, I get exposed to a lot of types of bullying every day. On and off the sports field. I have been made fun of and humiliated for being very tall (1.9m) for speaking my mind and being ‘’loud’’, for having a lazy eye, for having big feet as a lady (size 10), for standing up for what was right… the list goes on.

I am now older and realize that being different to others makes you a target for bullying, but also, being different is your best attribute in this crazy world of ours. Why do we want to fit in so badly if we were born to stand out?

God created you so perfect and has an amazing plan with your life, every single one of us has a purpose to fulfill on earth. Let’s love each other for our differences and respect each other’s purpose on earth.

Who are we to make judgements on someone else’s life when you yourself will be judged by God one day. You only have one life to live and one body to take care of, stop trying to be like everybody else. If you think about it, everybody else is already taken.

Thank you, Project Brave Heart, for creating a voice against bullying, because whether you are being bullied or if you are the bully yourself, everybody is affected by bullying every day.’’