Our Story

Maiveen Boehme, a victim of bullying herself, launched this non-profit company after her daughters were also severely subjected to bullying.  While searching for ways to help her daughters she identified the need for a more comprehensive programme to address this widespread problem.

Through her research, Maiveen also learned about bullying in other settings such as in the workplace, within a family dynamic and even at old ages homes, none of which had significant remedial options available.

Maiveen experienced the effects of bullying as part of the support system of victims, and realised that there are multiple role players in bullying.  The focus of Project Brave Heart therefore extends to all parties involved, and most importantly also to the bully to provide them with the love, care and assistance that they need.

Project Braveheart

Our Vision

  • The vision and aim of this registered NPC are to prevent or limit the phenomenon of bullying.
  • We would like to minimize bullying in schools, communities and the workplace by means of effective programs to empower the victims and to transform and help the bully.  As they say: “the abused becomes the abuser”.  Therefor support for the bully and changing the bully’s ways is just as important as empowering the victims.
  • Our long-term vision is to create the most effective anti-bullying movement in SA, where people associate with the movement as the place of safety and information for this cause.
  • Step number one is to create a Brave Heart Day. This will be the focus for the first year.
Project Braveheart

Our Mission

We aim to achieve our vision by providing useful information on our various platforms to not only raise awareness but to also equip the public with the correct tools to combat this problem and to highlight the assistance that is available.

We have formulated comprehensive programmes that can be implemented at schools and other organisations to identify and manage bullying within their realms, and also to create a positive, safe and supportive environment.

We have established, and provide access to, a panel of professionals who can assist with any aspect whether psychological, social, legal and more. 

We host awareness campaigns and events packed with information such as, what bullying is, how to handle bullying incidents, legal and other implications, rights of victims, self-protection and much more.

We have also instated Brave Heart Day which is an event held at various public centres nationally in order to help raise awareness. Our national day takes place during the 2nd quarter of the year and we encourage everyone to wear blue (for forgiveness) and red (for love) on this day.

We have designed a lapel pin which is available for purchase via our online shop, at any of our events or available for order via info@projectbraveheart.co.za. These pins are the Project Brave Heart icon pieces and a symbol of standing up against bullying.